Microwave Peptide Instrument

Microwave peptide instrument from AAPPTec, Infinity 2400™, helps chemists prepare long or difficult peptides in higher yield and better purity. The Infinity 2400™ provides capacity and flexibility unequaled by other microwave peptide instruments on the market.

Microwave Peptide Synthesis

Microwaves rapidly heat reaction mixtures through interaction of molecular dipoles with the electromagnetic field of the microwaves.  This interaction increases the molecular vibrations, which raises the temperature.  The increased molecular vibration accelerates the reaction by increasing the rate at which molecule collide with each other, thus increasing the probability of a reaction.  The increased vibration of the peptide chains also reduces the probabilility that they will adopt unfavorable coformations in which the reactive site is inaccessible. 

Microwave heating is not always beneficial.  At higher temperatures, undesired side reactions are also accelerated.  Cysteine and histidine become more susceptible to racemization during coupling at elevated temperatures, for instance.  If a reaction proceeds rapidly in high yield at room temperature, microwave heating is not likely to have a significant positive impact.  Indeed, heating may accelerate side reactions and result in a crude product with lower purity and reduced yield.  The Infinity 2000 allows chemists to utilize microwave heating only when they choose.

Infinity 2400™ Microwave Peptide Instrument Features and Capabilities

  • Microwave up to 6 reactors at the same time
  • Interchangable reactors from 5 mL up to 300 mL
  • On-demand microwave and conventional heating
  • Precise temperature control without overshoot
  • Separate preactivation vessels
  • Optional chilling of preactivated amino acid solutions
  • Optional UV monitoring of Fmoc removal
  • 24 large capacity amino acid vessels
  • Performs up to 880 couplings unattended

The Infinity 2400™ microwave peptide instrument allows chemists to use microwave heating only when coupling reactions are slow or incomplete due to aggregation and steric hindrance, thus preventing damage to the peptide from unneccessary heating.

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    AAPPTec, located in Louisville, KY, USA, offers custom peptides in quantities from mg to kg, in purities from crude to 98%, all at an affordable price. In addition to standard peptides, we also provide custom peptides with modifications such as cyclization, phosphorylation, acetylation, fluorescent labels, etc.

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  • FAQ

    1. How do I request a quote for my peptide?

    To request an instant quote, please sign up a free account with us and proceed to the peptide order page. If you do not have an account with us yet and would like to receive a quote for your peptide(s), please email us: www.aapptec.com or call us at 1-888-692-9111 and ask for a peptide service representative.

    2. What type of chemistry do you use?

    AAPPTec generally utilizes Fmoc chemistry for most peptide production.

    3. How do you generally purify your peptides?

    Our peptides are generally purified by preparative reversed phase HPLC, using trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) modified buffers at pH 2. Buffer A is 0.1 % TFA deionized water and buffer B is 0.1 % TFA in acetonitrile (ACN) at pH 2. Peptides are dissolved in either straight buffer A, or some amount of buffer B then diluted with buffer A.

    Sometimes it is necessary to use an organic polar solvent like (formic acid or acetic acid) in DMSO or DMF to aid in the dissolving of hydrophobic peptides but this is done on a case-by-case basis depending on the sequence analysis. The separation is monitored by UV at 214 nm and fractions are collected and analyzed by mass spectrometry for product identity and by reversed phase analytical HPLC for purity.

    The fractions are then lyophilized to remove the solvents. The fractions that meet the specifications of the order are then combined into one vial. Next, we run a final mass spectrum and analytical HPLC on the combined material.

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