Microwave Peptide Instrument

Microwave peptide instrument from AAPPTec, Infinity 2400™, helps chemists prepare long or difficult peptides in higher yield and better purity. The Infinity 2400™ provides capacity and flexibility unequaled by other microwave peptide instruments on the market.

Infinity 2400™ Microwave Peptide Instrument Features and Capabilities

  • Microwave up to 6 reactors at the same time
  • Interchangable reactors from 5 mL up to 300 mL
  • On-demand microwave and conventional heating
  • Precise temperature control without overshoot
  • Separate preactivation vessels
  • Optional chilling of preactivated amino acid solutions
  • Optional UV monitoring of Fmoc removal
  • 24 large capacity amino acid vessels
  • Performs up to 880 couplings unattended

The Infinity 2400™ microwave peptide instrument allows chemists to use microwave heating only when coupling reactions are slow or incomplete due to aggregation and steric hindrance, thus preventing damage to the peptide from unneccessary heating.

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